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Connor Vanderholm, Co-Founder and CEO of Topline – Expert Revenue Management and Stephanie Smith, CEO of Cogwheel Marketing, sat down with Revenue Hub‘s Trevor Grant to discuss leveraging Marriott systems and all the fun acronyms that go along with each system. Specifically, they look at it from a commercial strategy approach thus through the lens of a hotel revenue manager and a hotel digital marketer.

Listen in to understand some tricks to utilize each Marriott system.

  • 00:00 Video Start

  • 01:18 Guest Welcome and Topic Introduction

  • 03:34 Marriott MRDW – Focused on DAT, SEG10, ECM and MBV5 reports

  • 08:39 Marriott MBOP – Marriott Bonvoy Offer Platform, which previously was in Brandworks

  • 13:58 Marriott MarRFP and EPIC – What digital marketers use it for, versus what sales teams use it for

  • 19:10 Marriott PLUS (Koddi) – Where to run ads for MetaSearch, Sponsored Listing, SEM and OTA ads

  • 27:40 ICD – Has to do with inventory control dates

  • 29:56 Wrap Up

  • 30:39 Other video links

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Published On: December 14th, 2021 / Categories: Commercial Strategy Approach, Digital Marketing, Hotel /