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Connor Vanderholm, Co-Founder and CEO of Topline – Expert Revenue Management, is a partner of Revenue Hub, an industry news reporter. He recently met up with them for a “Coffee Time Chat” to discuss two core areas of perceived value and impact from the cost of living crisis.

Video Breakdown:

During this 32 minute video, Trevor from Revenue Hub asks about when the bubble will burst on high prices and how the current high ADR could be affecting perceived value for money. During this discussion, there is an exploration of the upcoming squeeze on incomes through increased cost of living and consider what impact this may have on leisure travel, corporates and groups as well as overall consumer sentiment. Finally, we consider what indicators should a Revenue Management professional be keeping a close eye on and will we start to see price reductions becoming more widespread.

  • (01:11) Guest welcome and Perceived Value: Are Hotel Prices Too High

  • (11:01) Are Higher Room Rates Affecting Corporate and Group Business

  • (15:01) Impact of Cost of Living crisis and potential impact

  • (23:02) How will the RMS respond

  • (26:30) Keep factors an RM should keep eye on and will we see price cutting

  • (30:42) Wrapping up

  • (32:10) Subscribe and more videos

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Published On: June 16th, 2022 / Categories: Percieved Value, Podcast, Revenue Management /