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What good is your revenue strategy when you’re search-ranking 38th on page 2? Paid Media Marketing tackles this issue by putting your hotel front and center across all booking channels. Topline’s partnership with Bookt Hotel Media unifies RM and digital advertising in a delightfully effective package.

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Enhanced Visibility

We identify underperforming channels, untapped market segments, and specific need dates.

We implement, measure, and fine tune our strategies in a constant cycle of targeted advertising.

At Topline, we believe RM and Marketing should fit hand-in-glove with joint SOP’s and shared tools.

Our partnership with Bookt Hotel Media brings this powerful concept to life with unparalleled revenue results.

Results or you don’t pay us, it’s that simple.

We operate on a commission-only basis, meaning we don’t send you an invoice if we haven’t captured additional revenue for your hotel. It would be crazy if we weren’t 100% confident in our ability to drive results.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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“The expertise and data Topline provides is second to none. Pulse has upleveled our revenue management team and enabled us to make better decisions while increasing efficiencies within the department. We now have actionable data at our fingertips, portfolio wide, that we could not effectively aggregate on our own. I highly recommend Connor and his team at Topline.”

Carter Frank

COO at PEG Hospitality Group

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