At Topline Expert Revenue Management, we are thrilled to announce that we have recently been given the go-ahead from industry giant, IHG. This momentous occasion marks a milestone for our company and we are incredibly proud to be partnering with such a renowned organization as an approved 3rd party vendor!


Benefits of Topline’s Services

Topline understands that hoteliers and travelers are the backbone of the hotel industry and we are confident that our revenue management solution will have a positive impact on hoteliers and travelers alike. Hoteliers will benefit from an innovative, comprehensive solution to managing their revenue, which offers powerful real-time insights to help hoteliers optimize their pricing and make smarter decisions that enable them to maximize their profits. For travelers, this means more competitive pricing and better experiences when staying at IHG properties. With Topline, hoteliers and travelers can both benefit from improved revenue management.

We look forward to providing our expertise in revenue management to IHG and are excited about the potential for positive impact it could have on the hoteliers and travelers of their network!


Conclusion: Partnership Propels toward Bright Future

This exciting news marks a successful beginning for this important partnership. This partnership not only gives Topline an opportunity to grow our business and expand our reach, but it also allows IHG to access Topline’s cutting-edge technology and expertise in revenue management – helping the organization to streamline processes, increase customer satisfaction, and drive further success. With this partnership, the future is looking bright for both Topline and IHG, as the two organizations come together to create innovative solutions and drive major technological advances.

Published On: December 12th, 2022 / Categories: Business Development, Revenue Management /